Pizza and Lunch

Pizza & Lunch

Served at Noon Daily

Pizza Bianca
olive oil, herbs & chili flake | $11.00

Pizza Margherita
rosso, mozzarella, basil | $12.00

Spicy cappicola with spicy honey on a margherita | $15.00

Greens & Parm
Bianca w/ fresh greens & grated parmesan | $17.00

Mushroom Olive
Bianca w/ castelvetrano olives & wild mushrooms | $15.00

Red Onion Caper
Bianca w/ mozzarella, capers & red onion | $14.00

Burrata Plate
fresh dressed greens, toast and seasonal accompaniment | $13.00

Greek Salad
mixed greens, peppers, pumpkin seeds, olives and local feta | $10.00

Classic Caesar Salad
romaine hearts w/ lemon anchovy dressing & parmesan | $10.00

Sandwiches change seasonally, call to find out our daily offerings or check our Instagram